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Back in the early 1990's, I was an Executive Chef in a tourist area.

Every year a local rib competition was held, and for numerous years it was won by a chef friend of mine. Throughout the rest of those years, he never let me forget it.

The next couple of years I continued to work on the right recipe,

finally getting to the one I still make today ! After finally winning the next 3 years rib competition myself, 

 I retired from the restaurant business.

I still made the sauce for bbq's and gave the rest out to family and friends. My son and numerous friends talked me into selling the sauce, which I did locally thru word of mouth.

I was finally convinced to sell it online for everyone to enjoy, 

So please give it a taste yourself and see why every bottle is small batch made with quality ingredients for that sweet smokey flavor that sticks to everything you use it on !!

Thank you and ENJOY !!


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